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TigerTrax is a historic and photographic tour of Georgetown College designed for your mobile device.

It currently includes four different Campus Trax (Buildings & Sites, Historical Walking Tour, Sculptures, and Spaces & Places) for you to explore.

Brief History of GC

Georgetown College was the first Baptist college founded west of the Allegheny mountains. In 1829 Silas Noel, a Frankfort lawyer, jurist, and minister, led twenty-four Baptist leaders in persuading the Kentucky legislature to charter the Kentucky Baptist Education Society, which considered locating the college in several counties and on the Transylvania University campus in Lexington. Instead, the citizens of Georgetown convinced the Society's trustees to establish the college in their community by offering to raise $20,000 and by donating the assets of the defunct Rittenhouse Academy, which included a fifty-two-acre campus and land in western Kentucky. Rev. Elijah Craig, a Baptist minister, founded the Academy, in 1798, a land grant school for the community, after his 1787 classical school had failed. The college traces its roots to that early school.

For more information on the history of Georgetown College visit GC History on the College's website.


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