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Memorials and Markers HMThe large marble memorial honors Manlius Valerius Thomson, a Scott County native who served as principal of Rittenhouse Academy, as lieutenant governor of Kentucky, and as Colonel of the Third Kentucky Regiment in the Mexican War. He died in Georgetown in 1850 and is buried on this site along with his daughter, who died in 1849. The obelisk was raised by the College trustees in honor of Rockwood Giddings, who helped salvage the sinking college during his brief presidency in 1838-39. The land was part of a ten-acre parcel purchased by the trustees in the 1830s that extended the College eastward from the old Rittenhouse Academy building. The grave for Mary Anne Breckinridge Tarleton, who died in 1841, is located behind Knight Hall and marks the site of the Tarleton family estate.


Memorials and Markers HM