Topic: Religious History of Georgetown College
Presenter: H.K. Kingkade, Director of Religious Life

Georgetown College was founded in 1829 as the first Baptist college west of the Allegheny Mountains and the fifth in order among the Baptist colleges in the United States. However, the college's roots extend further: the Rittenhouse Academy (established 1798), which was endowed by the State with 6,000 acres of public land. The trustees of the Academy transferred all property to the Kentucky Baptist Education Society, for the benefit of Georgetown College. While educating the pastorate was a critical reason for establishing the college, it was not the only purpose. Joel Smith Bacon, A.M. the second college president, remarked on the good of an education in his inaugural address, asking: "Is it not, after all, the discipline of the mind, which it is the great object of an intellectual education, particularly in its earlier stages, to secure; rather than the mere acquisition of knowledge, however desirable it may be, in any of the departments of learning, or in any of the branches of human science?" Learn about the religious history of Georgetown College from the Director of Religious Life.